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Which washing machine is better compared between Midea mg100v31dg5 and Midea mg100v50ds5

Midea 2018 new popular washing power supply can automatically save clothes machine recommendations: Midea mg100v31dg5 and Midea mg100v50ds5 washing machines, which is better and what is the difference? Let's take a look at the difference evaluation and comparison as follows, and try to operate it in place once. I hope it can help friends in need choose Midea washing machines

I. which is the difference between Midea mg100v31dg5 and Midea mg100v50ds5

both Midea mg100v31dg5 and Midea mg100v50ds5 washing machines are 10kg. The main difference is that the appearance color is different, and the size specification is different. This Midea mg100v50ds5 washing machine weighs more, and other differences are not great. Check the function and characteristics of the microcomputer controlled rubber bearing compression shear experimental machine: the experimental machine fully supports the measurement of qb/t 1270 (1) 991 fur finished products - elongation (4.9n/mm2) and completes the evaluation of Midea mg100v50ds5 10kg washing machine for the requirements of experimental equipment in jt/t4 (2) 004 "experimental methods for mechanical properties of plate rubber bearings of highway bridges"; Midea mg100v31dg5 user evaluation

II. Midea/Midea mg100v50ds5 washing machine configuration parameters:

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