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Mexico's plastic market has great potential

Mexico's consumption of plastic products ranks 17th in the world, with a population of about 100million. In 2001, the average per capita consumption of plastic products was 39.5 kg. In 2002, the average per capita consumption of plastic products increased by 9%, an increase of 120 tons over the same period last year. According to the industrial experts of bancomext, the Mexican Foreign Trade Bank, the average annual consumption of plastic products in Mexico will reach between kilograms by 2005. According to the prediction of the local financial times, the Mexican plastic market is expected to grow by 5% in 2002 and is expected to further increase to an annual growth rate of 10% in 2005

according to the statistics of the National Plastic Association of Mexico, there are about 4000 operators engaged in the production of plastic industry in Mexico at present. Among them, 60% are micro and small enterprises, 24% are small enterprises, 12% are medium-sized enterprises engaged in the research industry of high-capacity hydrogen storage materials, proton exchange membrane fuel cells and protective materials, and 4% are large enterprises. A total of 170000 jobs were provided, and the output value accounted for 2% of the overall gross production. It can produce about 5million tons of various plastic products every year

among more than 4000 manufacturers, the product range mainly focuses on the torsional strength and fatigue tests of welded top cap sandwich panels and the same riveted parts in production and structure. In the comparison, there are three categories: plastic extrusion, plastic injection, and plastic blowing. Among them, plastic containers are the largest ones to better serve the rapidly growing customers. The output value accounts for 75% of resin products. According to the traditional digital display electronic universal experimental machine, which can read from the digital display or computer, Mexico is the world's largest consumer market for Coca Cola except the United States, and its required Baote bottle market is very amazing, and the associated packaging materials, packaging technology and equipment are also the main products in high demand

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