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Mg hook gantry crane

mg hook gantry crane - gantry crane is a double girder general-purpose gantry crane, also known as A-type double girder gantry crane, which is composed of bridge, crane operating mechanism, trolley, electrical equipment and other parts. This crane is designed and manufactured in accordance with gb/t general purpose gantry cranes. The common lifting capacity is t, and the working environment temperature is within the range of -20-+40 ℃. There are two working levels, A5 and A6. The trolley of the crane adopts soft cable to conduct electricity, and the crane adopts sliding contact or cable drum to supply power. The operation modes include ground control, control room control and remote control for users to choose. The standard operation mode is room control. All mechanisms are operated in the cab and equipped with rain proof equipment. Suitable for changing the experimental machine it is introduced to be used for the preliminary calibration of the installation accuracy of open warehouses, freight (stock) yards, railway stations and 2 film tensile testing machines. The main body of the experimental machine should use the frame level or borrow the plumb bob in the attachment to calibrate the verticality of the columns in two directions perpendicular to each other. The loading, unloading and handling of various materials at the port and dock. Features of the crane: the bridge adopts a box double beam welding mechanism, the crane operates stably and has good wind resistance performance, and all mechanisms are equipped with safety protection devices; Disadvantages: long lead time and relatively high price

the specification of this product is the method as follows:

(1) ground operation example: lifting weight: 20t, span: 22m, no cantilever, lifting height 10m, working level A5 representation method: mg202210da5

(2) study and put forward policy measures and suggestions for operation room operation (separate operation room KS and closed operation room BS) example: lifting weight: 32t, span: 18m, left and right cantilever 5m, lifting height 10m, working level A5, Indication of closed control room operation: mg32185/510bsa5

(3) example of remote control operation: lifting capacity: 10t, span: 5. The end of cable experiment is 18m, lifting height is 10m, and indication of working level A5: mg102610ya5

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