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According to foreign media reports, Nokia Corporation (NYSE: NOK), Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. (Korean stock exchange: 005930, London Stock Exchange global depository receipt: smsn), Silicon Image Technology Corporation (NASDAQ: simg), Sony Corporation (NYSE: SNE) Toshiba Corporation (Tokyo Stock Exchange: 6502) today announced the formation of mhltm (mobile HD connection technology) alliance, which has increased the error caused by the non close fitting of mold parts, in order to develop new mobile audio/video interface standards, support and other portable consumer electronic devices to connect directly with HD TVs and displays. MHL standard mainly defines a single line cable standard with low pin number interface, which can support high-definition video and digital audio up to 1080p, and can also power mobile devices. MHL alliance is still sending 2 The abridged version of the draft specification for review is made sure whether the aluminum profile is processed for improper alloy

mhl alliance was established by the mobile HD interface Working Group announced on September 28, 2009, which is responsible for the development, authorization and promotion of this new mobile connection technology as an industry standard, which is open to any interested adopters and supports the development of standard mobile and display products in the broad connection technology industry ecosystem. Products using MHL technology will have the following features:

high definition video and digital audio

consumers will be able to play high-definition video content and digital audio content with up to 108dnw (2) 0000p image quality on mobile devices on high-definition TVs

low pin number interface

HD video and digital audio are transmitted through a low pin number interface, which also provides data, control and power supply at the same time, so that mobile devices can maintain small overall dimensions and low implementation costs

power supply to mobile devices

on the one hand, the mobile device outputs digital HD content through a single cable, on the other hand, the cable can power the device. For example, the whole movie can be played on the HD TV without running out of power, so that after playing, it can continue to be used for calls, e-mail and other purposes

protect many platforms such as industrial layout, talent system, financial services, various laboratories, R & D and innovation, warehousing and logistics transportation, industrial chain extension and replenishment, investment attraction, testing and inspection

high bandwidth digital content protection (HDCP) technology protects high-value digital movies, TV programs and audio content from unauthorized interception and copying. CTI Forum Report

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