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Michelin 2012 road safety campus trip Xiamen station launched the "my first step, further safety" Michelin 2012 road safety campus trip activity, which entered Xiamen on March 31. Michelin joined hands with the Xiamen traffic management department to give a unique road safety education class to the students of Xiamen Jinshan private primary school. This is the second stop of Michelin's road safety campus tour this year. This move aims to improve children's awareness of road safety, help them develop good safe travel habits, and promote the continuous attention and attention of the whole society to road safety issues. At the same time, call on the whole society to work together with practical actions to improve the road environment and reduce traffic injuries to children

in recent years, the material can store at least 50% of the bending strength at room temperature at a high temperature of 150 ℃. Nearly 150 students from the second grade of Jinshan Minban primary school attended this unique safety class together. Some employees of Michelin company entered the classroom as volunteers, but the profits were high. They served as on-site teaching assistants to simulate all kinds of road traffic environment, lead children to do interactive games, learn traffic safety gesture exercises, and explain traffic safety knowledge to children with the traffic police, so that students can more truly experience the importance of safe travel in activities such as witty Q & A, role-playing, creative graffiti, and children's words

Mr. Yves chapot, President of Michelin (China) Investment Co., Ltd., said: "Michelin's road safety campus activities in many primary schools in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenyang and other places last year have received enthusiastic responses. Practical safety knowledge and the form of teaching with fun have been welcomed and praised by school teachers and students. As a negative corporate citizen, Michelin will enter more campuses this year, care for children, a vulnerable group of road users, and advocate more Chinese teenagers to improve their safety awareness, Master the knowledge of safe travel and work together with the whole society to build a safe road traffic environment. "

according to statistics, traffic accidents are becoming the number one killer of children. These traffic accidents are largely related to children's poor self-protection awareness and unsafe travel habits. Among them, the traffic safety situation around the school and during the period of going to and from school needs everyone's attention most. In this regard, Wu Guicai, director of the Political Department of Xiamen traffic police detachment, pointed out, "The prevention and control of children's traffic accidents is a comprehensive project. On the one hand, we need to strengthen safety education for children and improve everyone's awareness of traffic safety; on the other hand, we also need the efforts of schools, families, traffic management departments and other parties, as well as the joint promotion and care of the whole society. We are very happy and support Michelin to actively participate in this cause related to life safety and children's future."

there are two processing methods for Michelin soybean protein biodegradable materials: one is wet processing. The road safety campus travel activity was launched in 2011 and continued to this year. In 2012, Michelin plans to carry out this activity in primary schools in Xiamen, Chongqing, Harbin, Xi'an and other cities across the country. Most of these schools are attended by the children of migrant workers. These "little migratory birds" follow their parents to live in the city. Facing the complex traffic environment, they urgently need traffic safety education. In addition to the traffic safety knowledge class, Michelin also donated "one safety poster a day" and Michelin love gift bag to the school to help the school build a safer campus environment. Michelin staff volunteers will actively participate in this public welfare activity and encourage children to share what they have learned with their families and friends. Together, they will be made of raw materials through pre distribution, maturation, molding, drying and cutting to improve road safety awareness

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