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Mexican packaging plants won a total of 11 production lines from Bobst and BHS

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core tip: in 2016, Grupo gondi, as a leading Mexican paper manufacturer and packaging manufacturer, reached an agreement with Bobst and BHS on the purchase of 11 new production lines in druba. The order includes the equipment to be installed in Grupo gondi's existing Mexican plant and new plant in the next two years. The purchase items include two corrugated production lines with a width of 2.5m designed by BHS that can be hot processed or cold processed before heat treatment, a Bobst preprint production line, a Bobst high-precision flat pressing and flat film cutting machine, and five Bobst automatic paste box production lines. Delivery of the equipment will begin in the last quarter of 2016

[China Packaging News] in 2016, Grupo gondi, as a leading paper manufacturer and packaging manufacturer in Mexico, reached an agreement with Bobst and BHS on the purchase of 11 new production lines in druba. The order includes the equipment to be installed in Grupo gondi's existing Mexican plant and new plant in the next two years. The procurement project includes two corrugated production lines designed by BHS with a width of 2.5m, a Bobst preprint production line, Bobst high-precision flat pressing and flat film cutting machine and five Bobst automatic box pasting production lines. Delivery of the equipment will begin in the last quarter of 2016

eduardo Posada, CEO of Grupo gondi, said, "the investment will help realize the rapid expansion of the company by adopting top-level technology upgrading, expanding production capacity and expanding the capabilities required for the company's future development. This means that the company will continue to provide the best packaging solutions for the market while supporting major customers to invest in new factories in the region."

emilio Corti, sales director of Bobst sheet fed paper, said, "With the signing of the third machine agreement, we once again prove that our equipment and services are the right choice for Grupo gondi to realize its ambitious growth plan. The combination of advanced machines that can meet Grupo gondi's high productivity and efficiency standards with strong local services, coupled with the support of technology centers all over the world, enables us to provide long-term support for the current business of Grupo gondi. We are very happy to become the world The preferred supplier of the fastest-growing packaging group will also strive to continue to provide protection for its business. "

lars Engel, managing director of BHS, said, "We are honored to be the main supplier of Grupo gondi corrugating machine equipment and participate in its major expansion plan. After the successful launch of the new corrugating machine designed by BHS in Piedras Negras earlier this year, the ordering of two new production lines reflects our ability to provide customers with good performance and reliability services. With the help of the company's local organization, we can ensure that we can provide good performance and reliability services for Grupo gondi and all Mexican customers Provide the best corrosion-resistant service and spare parts. "

the world's leading preprint technology

due to the adoption of CI (satellite) flexographic printing method, Bobst 90six has shown the best performance in the application of preprint cardboard lining and coated cardboard. Bobst 90six has become the printing machine with the highest sales volume in the global preprint market. The success of 90six reflects Bobst's leading position in the market since the 1980s. Grupo gondi's new 90six repeats up to 2060 mm in length and runs at a maximum speed of 500 meters per minute. The setting of CI makes it possible to print on low gram weight paper perfectly, achieve the quality close to offset printing, and greatly reduce the production cost of carton manufacturers. The printing machine will be used in conjunction with the other two 90six printing machines of the group for testing and testing parameters of brake linings for vehicles, and will be installed in Grupo gondi factory, which has not yet opened, by the end of 2017. Similar to the two printing machines previously purchased by Grupo gondi, the new 90six will be equipped with Bobst's unique external printing setting system smartgps ™, The system has almost no production waste, and even very small orders can be run. Another feature of this printer is the downstream device specially designed for water-based and UV curing ink applications. Therefore, the equipment can be used for all types of pre printed carton applications, including the production of high-end beer packaging

corrugating processing performance and flexibility

designed by BHS, the corrugating machine supplied to Grupo gondi has a working width of 2.5m, a production capacity of five ply paperboard and a running speed of 400 m/min. The production line can give Grupo gondi the best performance and flexibility in production, especially in pre printing. The production line includes an advanced corrugating machine af-p and a band single-sided corrugating machine mf-b, which is the only single-sided corrugating machine in the industry that can use preprinted paper as carton lining. Duplex cadres are equipped with hq-m drive and carbon fiber blade to ensure high-speed operation (especially when producing short boards). BHS unique preprint equipment will be installed on both floors of the cadre, with recognizable preprint marks on both sides. In addition, the dedicated BHS preprint camera will control the preprint slitting, which can correct the slitting of the printed logo and minimize the production waste. The double-layer stacker as-m, by combining the upper and lower stackers, can provide fast production order change time for low stacking, and can carry out several work orders on the feeding belt at the same time

high performance wire die cutting

by combining intelligent paper feeder, vacuum transmission and registration control and special high-performance peripheral equipment, the masterline 2.1 die cutting production line ordered by Grupo gondi can achieve high net output, faster preparation time and high quality required by the company. Through its full-automatic pre stacker (which can process almost all materials from paperboard, micro corrugated to five layer corrugated paperboard), the Mastercut 2.1 built-in in the production line can carry out high-precision die cutting on the cartons with the most complex shapes at the speed of up to 7000 pieces per hour. After the breaker flat track device separates the box blanks, palletizer 2.1 stacks the complex box layers, so that the operator can focus on improving performance and ensuring quality. With only two operators using masterline for two shifts, more than 20million square meters of paperboard can be processed in a year. Due to the integration of all components, the setup and operation of masterline is very convenient

full automatic box pasting machine with excellent versatility, control and production efficiency

five full-automatic box pasting machine lines to be installed in Grupo gondi factory reflect that the implementation of this process is highly multifunctional, creative and productive. Masterfold 110 GNB production line can not only pack cartons at a speed of up to 450 meters per minute, but also rotate the cartons 360 degrees, so that the work that used to require secondary paper feeding or special 'right angle' turning machines can be completed. Now, high-speed production can be achieved with one paper feeding. The gyrobox module, which realizes the above operations, provides various opportunities for packaging designers and brings exclusive advantages to packaging manufacturers in their competition. Behind the two masterfold production lines will be equipped with the new cartonpack 4 high-performance packaging machine released in druba in 2016. These devices can automatically put the formed cartons into the turnover box. All settings and work of cartonpack 4 are carried out automatically. Matic and its additional box supporting machine for repeating work orders can process up to ten boxes per minute, so as to ensure that cartonpack 4 can process more than 200000 boxes per hour without operators, and can run continuously for up to 30 minutes

with a lot of design and technological innovation, the order of the exceltfold 165 automatic box pasting machine will enable Grupo gondi to realize the actual control of the whole box pasting process. Exceltfold 165 can process the substrate from n-tile to a-tile, including five layers of corrugated and laminated cartons, as well as box blanks up to 1700 x 1100mm in size and blanks with a thickness of no more than 25mm when folded. Using the accepted box blank positioning system that can ensure accurate folding, the high-precision pre folding unit that ensures that the carton can be unfolded smoothly, and the folding process that minimizes the "bell mouth" phenomenon, exceltfold 165 controls the blank when it enters, passes through and leaves the full-automatic box pasting machine. The latter works with the help of an extended folding unit that can achieve smoother folding. This design, together with the new auxiliary indentation device located at the entrance, provides today's manufacturers with the high-quality folding effect they need. The exceltfold production line is also equipped with virtuo automatic packaging machine, which is especially suitable for medium or large-scale production of micro tile cartons, mounting cartons or card cartons

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