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Jiuyang e21c Juicer large caliber Juicer deep fried Juicer how to use experience

Jiuyang e21c Juicer household full-automatic fruit and vegetable multi-function large caliber Juicer deep fried Juicer

pulp juicer is on sale. How about this specific one? If you find it loose, please refer to the following UFIDA comments:

first use experience: there is no doubt that this is the best Juicer I have used! It is also the third machine bought in his home. To make a long story short, it can not only squeeze pure fruit juice, but also make fruit orange. The juice yield is much higher than that of the original juice at home. The residue is also very dry, and the sound is acceptable. The most important thing to choose an investment project independently is really very, very (say three times) easy to clean! The pole in the middle is made of ceramic. It's very healthy. Now you need three figures to buy all the fruit. For the sake of children, these are nothing. You must praise one! I've used it three times. I'll add it later

the multilayer structure of composite materials is easy to fracture under small impact. Evaluation after a period of use:

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