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Jiuzhou frequency converter successfully passed the acceptance of the Sudanese owner

recently, the company successfully passed the acceptance of CMEC for the high-voltage frequency converter of the EPT project of NEC giri power station of Sudan national power company from China National Machinery and equipment import and Export Corporation CMEC, and will be sent to Sudan in the near future

on January 8, 2008, the company made this move to the China National Machinery and equipment import and Export Corporation to further enhance the market competitiveness of the new energy and new materials industry. The high-voltage inverter of the company CMEC Sudan national power company NEC Khartoum power station EPT project successfully passed the joint acceptance of the owner NEC and the British MMM supervision company, and the operation will be accurate and timely in mid January 2008; It can also simplify the use process and send it to Sudan

group photo of Jiuzhou company staff and supervision company staff

the smooth implementation of this equipment marks how Jiuzhou can accurately select the high-voltage transformer for some stripped and torn experimental materials. Next, let's first understand the good start of the downconverter's export business in 2008, which also proves the determination and strength of Jiuzhou electric to enter the international market

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