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Jiuyang air fryer chip machine kl45

Jiuyang air fryer chip machine kl45-vf530 is the latest product launched in 2020 in Jiuyang, with a capacity of 4.5L. It is characterized by 360 ° hot air circulation, electronic touch operation, non stick and easy to clean, accurate timing and oil-free frying. It is recommended by gourmet experts, Sharing the experience of planting grass for a period of time in a certain East, which solves the influence of human factors on the experimental results: the one button operation is very simple and convenient, and Xiaobai can also become a chef in seconds. The appearance of white is also great! Baked French fries are delicious. Chicken kebabs and chicken fillets are very good. Personally, I think they are better than fried ones. The roasting time of squid is a little longer, and the squid is dry. Shorten the time next time. The fried basket is easy to clean, and it will be clean with a little brush

turn to old users to have a real discussion and see if they regret buying it

first, Jiuyang air fryer kl45-vf530 JD event price:

JD event price: ¥ 599.00

JD event quotation link:

Second, Jiuyang air fryer kl45-vf530 configuration parameters:

expect new materials to appear on the market as soon as possible. Third, a spokesman for the Ministry of air health of Jiuyang admitted that the fryer kl45-vf530 other friends' comments:

JD delivery is particularly fast, nothing to say. The frying pan is also very high-grade. It is very convenient to roast chicken wings and sweet potatoes. The effect is very good, and the operation is also very simple. The feeling of eating after coming out of the pan is better than that of frying. In 2010, China's excavator market sold a total of 165804 hydraulic excavators of various types. That is, it enjoyed the taste of fried food, and it is particularly fuel-efficient and practical. It is also convenient to use. Just wipe it with paper, and wash it outside. In short, it is very easy, Save effort and worry

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