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JK tire company expands the production capacity of Chennai tire factory

according to a recent report in the projector express of Indian impact test auxiliaries, JK tire company plans to invest 2.2 billion rupees (about US $40million) to expand the production capacity of its Chennai tire factory, and plans to expand its production capacity to 9million tires/year in the next two to three years

Raghupatisinghania, vice chairman and general manager of JK tire company, said, "we plan to expand the tire production capacity of Chennai factory to more than 9 million tires/year in the next three to five years, including 7.5 million passenger car radial tires and 1.6 million passenger car/truck radial tires."

at present, the flow of JK tire Chennai factory is also reversed, and it can produce 2.5 million passenger car radial tires and 400000 truck/bus radial tires per year domestically

raghupatisinghania said, "in the past 24 months, we have invested 10billion rupees (about 184million US dollars) in the first phase of the expansion project, and in the second phase of the next 15 months, we will further invest 2.2 billion rupees (about 40000 US dollars at the time of production and acceptance of furniture)."

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