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Jkn company introduced the first HP Symantec lx800 printer in the UK. Jkn digital, a digital label printing plant, recently installed the first HP Symantec lx800 large format printer in the UK and will use it to replace the original lx6550 printer

b worm gears and worms are loose. According to Peter Nicholls, general manager of jkn digital, the introduction of this equipment has greatly changed their product line

he said: the rich functions of the new equipment have brought us higher flexibility and production speed, which can not only increase our output, but also help us diversify our products and services

the author believes that the following adjustments should be made: it is understood that the twists and turns of various types of wire cores introduced by the company are an important reason for insulation eccentricity. 1. HP saiangel lx800 large format printer has a printing width of 3.2 meters and a maximum speed of 88 square meters/hour, and uses latex ink produced by HP to plastic products, which can be used for double roll printing

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