Eight kinds of plastic products are found to have

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Beijing has monitored eight kinds of plastic products with quality problems

Beijing plastic products quality supervision and inspection station monitored the printed juice cups and other plastic products sold in Beijing market, and found that eight kinds of plastic products produced by Taizhou Huangyan Jinqiao plastic factory in Zhejiang Province and sold by Fuyoujie comprehensive supermarket of Beijing shuntianfu Investment Management Co., Ltd. have quality problems

it is understood that the varieties monitored this time are milk bottles, water bottles and water cups. How to install the hydraulic universal testing machine and what is the reason for the unstable speed of the equipment? Let's take a look with 1. The main items tested are sanitary performance. The unqualified items are decolorization test and evaporation residue items. Evaporation residue indicates the dissolution in the soaking solution. According to the "1025" development plan of new material industry, harmful components in plastics will dissolve in n-hexane soaking solution, and excessive consumption will accumulate toxicity in human body, causing harm to human body. If the decolorization test item is not qualified, it will lead to the formula design of mixed products in plastics and the colorants studied in the utilization will dissolve in food, and these colorants are not edible pigments, and long-term excessive intake will affect human health. Operating procedures of safety belt tensile testing machine in the power industry. All milk bottles passed the inspection this time. Eight samples were found unqualified in water bottles and cups

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