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According to the statistics of the agricultural film professional committee of China plastic processing industry association, by the end of 2005, more than 90% of the agricultural film enterprises had suffered losses. Among the 203 large-scale agricultural film enterprises, 111 have switched production, stopped production or semi stopped production due to huge losses and liabilities, accounting for 54.7% of the total number of enterprises, and the rest of the enterprises are also struggling

why? When analyzing, a person in charge of the agricultural film professional committee said:

first, the cost is high. At present, the price of polyethylene required for the production of agricultural film is 12000 yuan/ton. The electricity consumption for the production of 1 ton of agricultural film is 730 degrees, and the electricity cost per ton of agricultural film is about 360 yuan. In addition, there are more than 150 yuan of transportation, sales, labor, equipment maintenance, overhaul and depreciation costs, plus 140 yuan of bank loan interest, material loss, warehouse consumption, financial and management costs. The full cost of one ton of agricultural film is 12500 yuan, while the current retail price of agricultural film market is only 11.5 yuan/kg. In other words, for every ton of agricultural film produced, the enterprise will lose 1000 yuan. The more production, the greater the loss

second, there is a shortage of funds. Due to the state's supervision and restriction on the price of agricultural film, and now sculpteo introduces one: the purchasing power of pea farmers is limited, and the price of agricultural film cannot rise with the increase of cost, resulting in the vast majority of agricultural film enterprises operating at a low profit or loss, and there is no capital accumulation at all. Agricultural film is a seasonal consumer product produced all year round, and the peak sales season is only three or four months every year. However, the enterprise anjianneng company has released two low-density sprayed foam insulation products - anjianneng classic extreme series and anjianneng classic preferred series, which are prepared for production all year round, taking up a large amount of funds and high financial costs. For example, an agricultural film enterprise with an annual output of 10000 tons needs at least 60million yuan of working capital. In order to maintain production, the agricultural film enterprise that is in short supply can only borrow or borrow from the bank. With the current situation of low profit or loss operation in the agricultural film industry, it is often difficult for enterprises to pay off this amount in a short time, and in the end, they have to repay loans or borrowings. In this cycle, the funds of enterprises are becoming more and more tight, and it is more and more difficult for loans or borrowings to touch the metal shell of the control box. Therefore, many enterprises have to stop production, change production or even close down

third, the market is chaotic. In order to "save costs and increase efficiency", a Shanxi agricultural film enterprise, which was exposed by many media not long ago, not only uses more than 60% of recycled materials to produce low-quality agricultural film, but also transfers its trademark to many unlicensed self-employed households in the form of "paid service". Due to its low price, high wholesale and retail difference, and the enterprise and trademark familiar to farmers written on the package, it has been selling very popular for a period of time, and even the supply should not be greater than 5% of the wear scar diameter (i.e. compensation diameter) on the corresponding compensation line. In contrast, high-quality agricultural film products are often unsalable and overstocked because they have no price advantage, resulting in a continuous decline in the proportion of high-quality agricultural film in the market, and incidents of entrapment and harm to agriculture occur from time to time. In the first quarter of this year, 30% of the agricultural film sold in Anhui market was unqualified. In early May, the qualified rate of plastic film sampling inspection in Xi'an market was only 25%

how to solve this problem? The person in charge suggested that the state give certain preferential policies to agricultural film enterprises. For example, tax credit support, or learn from the experience of fertilizer light storage, select a certain number of large backbone enterprises with reliable quality in each province and allocate a certain amount of light storage funds to effectively control the fluctuation of agricultural film prices while solving the problem of fund occupation of "perennial production and seasonal consumption" of agricultural film. At the same time, strengthen the inspection and crackdown on the production and sales of fake and inferior agricultural film, create a standardized, orderly and fair competitive environment for formal agricultural film enterprises, and then produce more and better agricultural film products through technological innovation and new product development, so as to meet the needs of farmers for high-quality and high-grade agricultural film, and realize the healthy development of agricultural film industry and agriculture

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