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Eight energy-saving and environmental protection measures in the smart door and window industry

electric window opener manufacturers found that after the introduction of a series of national environmental protection policies, the industry began to develop in the direction of energy conservation and environmental protection, and so did the smart door and window industry. The development of smart doors and windows to the environmental protection industry is mainly reflected in the following eight aspects

I. improve the installation technology of doors, windows and curtain walls. Improve the integrated energy-saving technology level of doors and windows, curtain wall structure and enclosure structure, and improve the overall energy-saving effect of the wall. Focus on solving the problem of door to customer. Our products achieve high standards of service windows, curtain wall anchoring and filling technology, and the use of solar energy, aerodynamic energy-saving technology

II. High performance sealing technology for building doors, windows and curtain walls since last year. Reduce the heat loss of air infiltration, and improve the main physical properties such as air tightness, water tightness, sound insulation, heat preservation and heat insulation. Great breakthroughs have been made in sealing materials, sealing structures and indoor ventilation structures

III. thermal insulation technology of doors, windows and curtain walls. We should take building energy-saving technology as the driving force to carry out technical transformation and innovation on the window structure, opening form and window structure of residential buildings in China. Change the single sliding window type and develop side hung windows, especially composite internal windows and multi-function windows. Improve the ventilation function and safety performance of high sealing windows, and develop heat cutting, high-efficiency and energy-saving luxury aluminum alloy windows and luxury multi-function products

IV. complete technology of doors, windows and curtain walls. Develop complete sets of products with multi-function serialization and regional characteristics; We should make a great breakthrough in improving the quality of supporting accessories and the characteristics and performance of PLGA products with easy processing and controllable degradation rate; We should establish the market advantages of famous brand products and high-quality products; Develop a diversified and multi-level industrialized production system of energy-saving products

v. great breakthroughs should be made in the process technology and product performance of high-performance insulating glass and economical double glass series products. Focus on the condensation temperature, impact resistance and installation technology of heat reflection and low radiation insulating glass, high-performance safety insulating glass and economical double glass, and realize the scientific combination of heat insulation and effective use of solar energy

VI. development and application technology of special materials for composite doors and windows. Focus on the development of aluminum-plastic, steel plastic, wood plastic composite door and window special materials and composite supporting accessories and sealing materials

VII. Solar energy development and utilization technology. Building doors, windows and curtain walls should change the technical concept of passive thermal insulation and single energy saving. We should combine energy conservation with the rational use of solar energy, underground thermal (water) energy and wind energy, and develop door, window and curtain wall products that combine energy conservation with energy consumption (the use of solar energy, cold energy, wind energy and geothermal energy)

VIII. Heat breaking technology for aluminum alloy special sections and galvanized color plate special sections. Focus on the localization of large deformation non recovery thermal materials and the safety of fire-resistant and harmful asphyxiating gases, reduce material costs and expand the scope of promotion. Zhonghua glass () Department

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