Eight functions of the hottest online marketing

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Eight functions of network marketing

understanding and understanding the functions and functions of network marketing is the basis and premise for actual combat and utilization of the functions and functions of network marketing

network marketing has many functions. It mainly has eight functions according to customer customization requirements:

1 Information search function

the search function of information is a reflection of the attack ability of network marketing. In network marketing, we will use a variety of search methods to actively and actively obtain useful information and business opportunities; We will actively compare prices, actively understand the competitive situation of our competitors, and actively obtain business intelligence through search for decision-making research. The search function has become a manifestation that the marketing subject can keep the lubricity of the screw rod up and down. It is a means to improve the network management ability and a means to compete with gb/t 2811-2007 "hard hat"

with the development of information search function from single to cluster and intelligent, as well as the extension to targeted email search technology, the commercial value of network search has been further expanded and played, and it will become an easy task to find marketing goals

2. Information publishing function

publishing information is one of the main methods of network marketing, and it is also another basic function of network marketing. No matter what kind of marketing method, we should convey certain information to the target group. However, the powerful information release function of network marketing is unparalleled by any marketing method since ancient times

network marketing can release information to any place in the world, which can not only achieve wide coverage of information, but also form a carpet like information release chain. It can not only create a sensation of information, but also publish hidden information. The diffusion scope, residence time, manifestation, extension effect, public relations ability and penetration ability of information are all the best

what is more worth mentioning is that in network marketing, after the release of the information, you can actively track, get replies, and re communicate and re communicate after replies. Therefore, the effect of information release is obvious

3. Business survey function

business survey in network marketing has important business value. Accurate grasp of the market and business situation is an indispensable method and means in network marketing, and an electronic reconnaissance of the market situation and the situation of competitors in modern business war

under the condition of fierce market competition, actively understanding business information, studying trends, analyzing customer psychology, and peeping into the dynamics of competitors are the basis and premise for determining competitive strategies. By means of investigation or electronic inquiry questionnaire, we can not only save a lot of manpower and material resources, but also generate analysis reports, trend analysis charts and comprehensive investigation reports of market research. Its high efficiency, low cost, fast pace and large scope are beyond any other forms of investigation in the past. This provides a quick response ability to the market for the majority of businesses, and lays a solid foundation for the scientific decision-making of enterprises

4. Sales channel development function

network has strong penetration and penetration. The economic barriers in the traditional economic era, such as regional blockade, artificial barrier, traffic barrier, capital restriction, language barrier, information closure, can not stop the dissemination and diffusion of network marketing information. The allure of new technology, the display of new products, the combination of literature and pictures, the publicity of audio-visual fear, the affinity of roadshows, and the coverage of carpet publishing and explosive growth will be integrated into a comprehensive information attack capability. Quickly open up the closed ice, dredge various channels, open the route of attack, and realize and complete the mission of market development

this speed, this firmness, this magic, this situation, this vividness are unmatched by any media and any other means

5. American advertising expert Riley Wright predicts that the future marketing is the war of brands. Owning a market is more important than owning a factory. The only way to own the market is to own a dominant brand

with the emergence of Internet, it not only brings new vitality and vigor to the brand, but also promotes and promotes the expansion and diffusion of the brand. Practice has proved that Internet not only owns and recognizes brands, but also has irreplaceable effects and functions for reshaping brand image, improving the core competitiveness of brands, and building brand assets

6. Featured service functions

network marketing has and provides not general service functions. It is a special service function. The connotation and extension of services have been expanded and extended

customers can not only get the simplest form of FAQ (frequently asked questions), mailing list, BBS, chat room and other instant messaging services, but also get listening, viewing, ordering, payment and other optional services. Emergency services without holidays, and information tracking, information customization to intelligent information transfer and answering services. And on-site shopping, home delivery services, etc. This kind of service and the follow-up extension after service will not only greatly improve customer satisfaction and realize the principle of customer-centered, but also make customers become an important strategic resource for businesses

7. Customer relationship management function

customer relationship management, derived from the customer-centered management idea, is a new management mode aimed at improving the relationship between enterprises and customers. It is a necessary condition for network marketing to achieve results and an important strategic resource for enterprises

under the traditional economic model, due to insufficient understanding or the limitations of their own conditions, enterprises have serious defects in managing customer resources. In view of the above situation, in network marketing, customer resource management, sales management, market management, service management and decision-making management are integrated through customer relationship management, and the sales, market, pre-sales and after-sales services that were originally neglected and fought independently are coordinated with the business. It can track orders and help enterprises monitor the execution process of orders in an orderly manner; Standardize sales behavior, understand the needs of new and old customers, and improve the overall value of customer resources; It can also avoid sales isolation and help enterprises adjust their marketing strategies. Collect, sort out and analyze customer feedback information to comprehensively improve the core competitiveness of enterprises. The customer relationship management system also has a powerful statistical analysis function, which can provide us with "decision proposals". To avoid mistakes in decision-making. Bring considerable economic benefits to enterprises

8. Value-added function of economic benefits

network marketing will greatly improve the profitability of marketers, so that the marketing subject can improve or obtain value-added benefits. This value-added benefit is not only due to the improvement of network marketing efficiency, the decline of marketing costs and the increase of business opportunities, but also because in network marketing, the accumulation of new information will increase the value of the original information, or enhance its value. The concept and effect of this intangible asset in promoting value appreciation are both forward-looking and obvious. It is a value-added effect that most people do not know, understand or expect

the energy-saving transformation of plastic granulator has significant benefits. The operation of plastic granulator touches a wide range of areas of the national economy.

the obvious resource integration ability of network marketing precisely provides a practical possibility for the accumulation of this kind of information! This is a strategic ability that traditional marketing does not have and cannot imagine

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