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To develop high-end equipment manufacturing industry, we must grasp eight links. Introduction: it is undeniable that as a large equipment manufacturing country, the industry is large but not strong, the basic manufacturing level lags behind, and the ability of independent innovation is weak. How to develop high-end equipment manufacturing industry, speed up the structural adjustment of China's machinery industry, and promote industrial transformation and upgrading? Cai Weici pointed out that the following eight key links must be grasped

high end equipment manufacturing industry is one of the seven strategic emerging industries proposed in the 12th Five Year Plan. Recently, at the 2011 China (Jiangsu) high end equipment manufacturing development forum held in Xuzhou, Cai Weici, vice president of the China Machinery Industry Federation, put forward new ideas on how to develop high-end equipment manufacturing and promote the machinery industry from big to strong

it is imperative to develop high-end equipment

CAI Weici pointed out that the equipment manufacturing industry is an important pillar industry of China's national economy. After years of development, China's equipment manufacturing industry has formed an industrial system with a large scale, complete categories and a certain technical level. Especially during the Eleventh Five Year Plan period, after the implementation of the "several opinions of the State Council on accelerating the revitalization of the equipment manufacturing industry", the equipment manufacturing industry has made great progress, the independent innovation ability of major technical equipment has been further improved, the technical level and market share of some products have leapt to the forefront of the world, and the international competitiveness has been significantly improved

however, it is undeniable that as a large equipment manufacturing country, the industry is large but not strong, the basic manufacturing level lags behind, and the ability of independent innovation is weak. This situation has inevitably had a negative impact on the recent operation of China's machinery industry: in the first half of this year, the operation of the machinery industry showed a significant decline in growth rate, the main business income fell year-on-year, the growth rate of production and sales slowed down in the first five months, and there was a sustained deficit in foreign trade. This is due to the oversupply of low-end equipment products and the high inventory of products; There are also vicious market competition in the industry, such as the excessive development of wire and cable, transformer, switch and other industries, resulting in overcapacity; In addition, the domestic demand for high-end equipment is huge, and the import of mechanical products has doubled, which has caused a great impact on the domestic market. These new trends in the development of the machinery industry and these new signals transmitted by the internal mechanism of the market are a forward-looking warning: to achieve the transformation of the development mode during the 12th Five Year Plan period and turn a large manufacturing country into a powerful manufacturing country, China must speed up industrial transformation and upgrading, enhance the ability of independent innovation, and vigorously develop high-end equipment

Cai Weici believes that at present, for the machinery industry, the development of high-end equipment is a strategic measure to promote structural adjustment, upgrading and transformation, and practice the scientific concept of development; For enterprises, developing high-end equipment is the only way to improve the independent development ability of the industry, reduce the dependence on imported products, and obtain greater output with less resource consumption

he said that from the perspective of the development trend of China's machinery industry in recent years, on the one hand, China's heavy industrialization has entered the speed-up stage, and the late development advantages of new energy industries such as rail transit construction, aerospace industry, river and sea Shipbuilding Engineering, offshore oil engineering, wind power have a significant pulling effect on the high-end equipment manufacturing industry; On the other hand, a leading idea of the 12th Five Year Plan is to realize the transformation and upgrading of the national economy. In order to achieve the maximum economic and social benefits with the least resource consumption in all walks of life involving the development of the national economy, the main means must rely on the high-end production equipment and the modernization of production technology. Therefore, it is reasonable to believe that during the 12th Five Year Plan period, under the guidance of the national implementation of policies such as cultivating high-end equipment manufacturing industry and encouraging enterprise technological progress, all industries can only have higher requirements for equipment than in the previous decade: first, more efficient equipment is required; Second, high-efficiency equipment is required to produce green, low loss, less pollution and environment-friendly products during operation. At that time, the high-end equipment market will have strong demand and huge development space. The machinery industry will usher in new development opportunities, and high-end equipment manufacturing will become an emerging field supporting the sustained growth of the machinery industry

Cai Weici said that high quality and high technology are the main characteristics of high-end equipment. The pursuit of high quality and high technology is the key to get rid of the low-end image of China's machinery industry, and it is also a lifelong task for all equipment manufacturing enterprises to survive and develop. At present, the main factors restricting the development of China's high-end equipment manufacturing industry are: first, there is a significant gap between the technical performance indicators of products and the world's advanced level, which is mainly reflected in the low degree of automation and intelligence, and the weak ability to adapt to extreme environments such as ultra-high (low) temperature, ultra-high pressure, ultra-high speed, high corrosion, high radiation and high wear; Second, there is an obvious gap between the product quality and the world advanced level, which is highlighted by the imperfect quality assurance system, the poor stability and reliability of product quality, and the high technical content but low maturity of some products in performance indicators, which can not meet the requirements of users, and the poor reliability

we still need to grasp eight key links

how to develop high-end equipment manufacturing industry, speed up the structural adjustment of China's machinery industry, and promote industrial transformation and upgrading? Cai Weici pointed out that the following eight key links must be grasped:

first, to attack the high-end, we must lay a solid foundation and break through the bottleneck of technology to reduce material use and assembly time. The development of high-end equipment manufacturing industry cannot be achieved overnight. Great efforts must be made to improve the R & D and system integration level of basic processes, basic materials, basic components and parts, strengthen the R & D and industrialization of major technical complete sets of equipment, break through and master the key core technologies of the four bottleneck links of high-end measurement and control system, key basic parts, high-end machine tools, and special high-quality raw materials, and vigorously improve the quality of casting, forging, welding Basic process level such as heat treatment, such as blank casting technology of high-end hydraulic parts, etc

second, to attack the high-end, we must innovate independently and realize the localization of high-end equipment. The development of high-end equipment should not only be satisfied with developing individual high-end products, but also focus on improving the ability of independent innovation. We should strengthen the research and development of core key technologies, strengthen the research of basic common technologies in the industry, and concentrate on the development and implementation of major scientific and technological breakthroughs. During the special session, we talked about polymer composites and 3D printing items, so as to improve the integrated innovation ability of major technical equipment. Overcome technical problems in key areas through independent innovation and master core key technologies

third, we must open up cooperation and make use of all available resources to attack high-end enterprises. Independent innovation is not behind closed doors. We should make extensive use of all available resources at home and abroad, strengthen the close integration of industry, University and research, strive to introduce foreign advanced technology, fully absorb and learn from the mature experience of high-end equipment manufacturing, and speed up the independent innovation of key technologies. At the same time, we should pay attention to the development of Industrial Innovation Alliances and promote the industrialization of key technological innovation achievements

fourth, we must grasp the investment direction and make good use of self raised funds to attack the high-end. Increasing investment, adjusting structure, promoting upgrading and seeking development determine the tomorrow and future of the machinery industry. According to statistics, in recent years, about 90% of the total fixed asset investment completed by national machinery industry enterprises for their own development is self raised, and the national budget accounts for less than 0.5%. However, in the process of investment in these fixed assets, there are serious problems, such as focusing on extension expansion rather than connotation improvement, focusing on processing and manufacturing rather than R & D tests, focusing on complete sets of main engines in June 2019 rather than supporting foundation, focusing on immediate interests rather than long-term development, and more convergence with the trend and less emphasis on characteristics. Therefore, we must be cautious in using self raised funds to develop high-end equipment and adjust the industrial and product structure. We must avoid blind investment and herd. After all, the conditions for developing high-end equipment manufacturing industry are very high, and the risk of blind development is great. We must develop our strengths and avoid weaknesses and highlight the key points according to our own capabilities

fifth, to attack the high-end, we must speed up the training work, reliably cultivate the modern manufacturing service industry, and realize the transformation from production-oriented manufacturing to service-oriented manufacturing. The development of modern manufacturing service industry is an important content of accelerating the independent innovation and structural adjustment of manufacturing industry, and it is also an innovative content of the extended development of information technology engineering in equipment manufacturing industry. We should integrate information means with modern enterprise management ideas and methods, closely link the production process and use process of products, and extend services to the front and back ends of the business chain with the help of information means

sixth, we must pay attention to market cultivation and strengthen application demonstration to attack the high-end. To develop high-end equipment manufacturing and R & D and production of major technical equipment, enterprises must implement supporting projects, that is, to strengthen the close contact with key users, and organize the implementation of high-end product application demonstration projects. On the one hand, by providing enterprises with product technology application services, they can enhance the credibility of products with high-quality services, so as to create influence, expand influence, attract potential markets, and tap and cultivate markets in depth; On the other hand, problems are found through application demonstration, so as to accumulate experience for product improvement in the future

seventh, we must improve the quality of traditional industries to provide strong support for the development of emerging industries. The essence of high-end equipment manufacturing is the upgrading of traditional industries. Driven by the strong traction of high-end equipment manufacturing industry, the development direction of traditional machinery industry will be more clear. The development of traditional manufacturing industry not only provides systematic supporting conditions and environmental support for the development of high-end equipment manufacturing industry, but also accelerates the transformation of the whole industry from big to strong. Therefore, the development of emerging industries and the upgrading of traditional industries must be coordinated and mutually promoted, and the two cannot be neglected. Whether it is high-end equipment manufacturing industry or traditional industry, we must vigorously improve the reliability of product quality as the top priority of enterprise development

eighth, to attack the high-end, we must innovate the system and mechanism and enhance the soft power of enterprises. Hard power is the objective standard to measure the size and strength of enterprises, while soft power is the key ability to maximize the operational efficiency of enterprises through the integration and utilization of hard power. Soft power determines the core competitiveness of enterprises and industries, and is an indispensable supporting factor for the development of enterprises. Soft power is not only reflected in the technical ability and management ability of the enterprise, but also depends more on the style quality, spiritual outlook, corporate culture and other invisible resources of all employees to coordinate and interact. Therefore, to develop high-end equipment manufacturing, we should also pay attention to establishing a good corporate culture through institutional reform and strengthening the construction of enterprise soft power

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