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Eight measures of the State Environmental Protection Administration to promote pollution reduction Zhang Lijun, deputy director of the State Environmental Protection Administration, said at a press conference held by the State Council Office on the 5th that in order to achieve the target of reducing pollutants by 10% during the 11th five year plan, the State Environmental Protection Administration will take eight measures to promote pollution reduction

the eight measures are: guide local governments to prepare emission reduction work plans and annual emission reduction plans, and implement emission reduction tasks; Assist relevant departments to speed up the elimination of backward production capacity with high pollution and energy consumption, and realize the emission reduction through structural adjustment; Urge local governments and key pollutant discharge enterprises to speed up the construction of pollution control facilities to reduce the friction and wear of the project; Strengthen environmental supervision, strengthen environmental law enforcement, control the increment of pollutants, improve the standard rate of pollutant discharge, and realize management and emission reduction; Cooperate with relevant departments to study and issue economic policies conducive to emission reduction, and form incentive mechanisms and constraints. As long as customers come to Jinan to see the experimental mechanism; Accelerate the construction of three systems of statistics, monitoring and assessment of emission reduction; Implement the emission reduction of local governments and enterprises, and implement strict accountability; Actively promote public participation in the emission reduction of major pollutants, which is light, durable and stable. One of the test products is called "Shenui mysterious light"

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