Eight fatal links in the back operation of the hot

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For the sake of your life safety, please carefully read the eight fatal links in the back operation of the carton factory.

ink "> carton ink"> accidents in the printing factory are common, and remind all ink "> carton factory employees to operate safely and not to make irreparable mistakes for the convenience of the moment!

the following are the eight fatal links in the back operation of the carton factory of ink"> carton finishing in China. Please pay attention to them when you operate

I. printing press

1 Paper feeding wheel

dangerous part: paper feeding wheel

cause of the incident: reach out or stand on the paper feeder to take out the clipped cardboard

injury: hands or feet are involved in the paper feeding wheel

hazard index: ★★★★★★

protective measures: operate according to regulations

2 The terminal connected to the printer junction and the harness shall be kept for 1min, and there shall be no sliding in the experiment (the load rate shall not exceed 10n/())

dangerous position: the opening and closing position of the printer

cause of the incident: when the equipment is closed, there is no attention, People don't come and leave, but all shareholders will also participate in it or their hands don't have time to take out

injury: hands or bodies are clamped by equipment

hazard index: ★★★★

protective measures: when opening and closing the machine, pay attention to remind the staff

3 Press slotting part

dangerous part: press slotting part

cause of accident: cut your hand when disassembling the knife, or touch it with your hand when rotating

injury condition: your hand is cut to

hazard index: ★★★★

protective measures: be extra careful when disassembling the knife, and do not touch

4 when rotating the machine Printing plate

dangerous parts: printing cylinder and embossing roller

cause of the incident: do not pay attention to the injury when installing the printing plate: hands are involved between the printing cylinder and the embossing roller

risk index: ★★★★

protective measures: when installing the printing format, first turn off the printing machine and inform the staff

II. Die cutting machine

1 Safety switch

dangerous part: safety switch

cause: the safety switch failed, resulting in the loss of safety protection of the die-cutting machine

injury: fatal

risk index: ★★★★

protective measures: operate according to regulations, and regularly check the safety switch

2 Power switch

dangerous part: power switch

cause of the incident: the power switch is not turned off, or the power is turned on by personnel operation errors, said gaizhiyi, Dean of the College of Humanities and social sciences of Inner Mongolia Agricultural University, which causes the equipment to start

injury: this kind of phenomenon is called succumbing death if it is serious

risk index: ★★★★★★

protective measures: when adjusting the die-cutting equipment, Install a lock on the power switch

III. thin knife separator

dangerous part: thin knife separator

cause of accident: personnel operation violations cause

injured part: hands are cut by the separator or pressed by the wire pressing wheel

hazard index: ★★★★

protective measures: install a baffle in front of the paper wheel, so that hands will not be involved

IV Nail box machine

dangerous part: nail box machine

cause of accident: hands will be nailed if you don't pay attention to nailing

injury: hands are nailed

risk index: ★★

protective measures: ensure the distance between nail heads in your hands during production

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