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Eight effective ways to improve the efficiency of the pharmaceutical plastic bottle packaging production line editor's note: No enterprise can bear the consequences of the ineffective operation of the production line. Pharmaceutical manufacturers are constantly seeking various ways to improve production efficiency, increase output, reduce costs and energy consumption in the existing sterile pharmaceutical plastic bottle production line. All these ways help to improve the quality of products and increase the ultimate profits of enterprises. This paper puts forward some suggestions and skills for improving the efficiency of key links in the sterile pharmaceutical plastic bottle packaging production line, and introduces some suggestions for improving the transmission system, detection system, buffer system and robot system. Taken together, these easy to implement ways can help pharmaceutical manufacturers ensure the implementation of production plans, avoid some production problems, and effectively save production time, reduce energy consumption and production costs

buffer system, ensuring operation

the function of buffer system is to ensure the operation of production line and downstream equipment during the short shutdown of sterile pharmaceutical plastic bottle packaging production line, and ensure continuous product flow when the speed of production line changes. The buffer system is usually directly installed and integrated on the production line, occupying a small production space, which can help the sterile pharmaceutical plastic bottle production line to improve efficiency during the planned downtime (such as changing the label drum, changing the belt drum, etc.) or during the more frequent unplanned downtime. When an unplanned shutdown occurs, the shutdown analysis of the production line will start to determine whether the buffer system should be started to maintain production

for any new equipment under investigation, OEM manufacturers will provide pharmaceutical enterprises with systematic theoretical or historical downtime data as a reference. The work efficiency promised by the new equipment can also be used as a reference to measure the frequency and duration of equipment downtime. In any case, planned and unplanned downtime should be given full attention. A suitable buffer system can be used as a means of balancing downtime to help enterprises maintain the normal operation of the production line

speed conversion, improve excess functions, high flexibility

closely connected with the buffer system is the dynamic speed conversion device, that is, the dynamic equipment that can adjust the equipment and change the running speed of the production line according to external changing factors. Generally speaking, the traverse station of the dynamic speed conversion device can sense the increase of the speed of the upstream system or the decrease of the speed caused by the shutdown of the downstream equipment, and make effective compensation. The dynamic speed conversion device can help the equipment to improve the speed. After the speed change of the equipment, it plays a buffering or compensation role in optimizing the mobility difference. Through the effective control provided by the dynamic speed conversion device, the pharmaceutical plastic bottle packaging production line can achieve a good speed balance to improve the overall efficiency and flexibility of the production line

conveying system, improve efficiency

conveyor belt and conveying system are important components of sterile pharmaceutical plastic bottle packaging production line, which can help drugs complete the transfer from one workstation to another workstation. It is very important to improve the production efficiency of the transmission system on the pharmaceutical plastic bottle packaging production line and avoid the disorder and instability of plastic bottles. There are many reasons for the instability of the plastic bottle position. For example, improper adjustment of the guide rail may cause the plastic bottle to swing, the plastic bottle may overturn when it is transferred between two conveyor belts, and excessive overturning may also occur on the thermoplastic conveyor belt

in order to minimize the irregular movement of plastic bottles, pharmaceutical manufacturers must pay special attention to a series of subtle problems. For example, when changing the specifications of plastic bottle containers that need to be transferred, the operator needs to adjust the width of the guide rail to adapt to the size of different products. A well-designed transmission system allows the guide rail to be adjusted repeatedly by mechanical means and positioning feedback system. These features of the conveyor system can facilitate the pharmaceutical production enterprises to achieve rapid and accurate conveyor belt debugging, allowing operators to open or close some conveyor belt guides to adapt to different sizes of different plastic bottles. In addition to rapid adjustment, the transmission system can also display digital prompt information, color identification, and some other types of prompt information to remind operators of different guide rail positions required by different types of plastic bottles. This information facilitates the operator to establish a preset standard and easily set the container parameters required for each independent operation

from the point of view of the conveyor line, the derailment of plastic bottles from the conveyor belt is very likely to occur. In order to avoid such problems as much as possible, improve production efficiency and reduce operating costs, enterprises had better equip the transmission system with a straight-line transmission device. In the transmission system equipped with linear transmission device, the adjustment of the position of a point on the guide rail can control several conveyor belts, saving a lot of time for enterprises

another way to reduce the probability of plastic bottle derailment is to reduce the vibration amplitude of the thermoplastic conveyor belt. Some of the most common causes of belt vibration are improper length of the conveyor chain or obstacles on the conveyor chain (such as loose screws). Excessive product load or insufficient torque of the conveyor may also cause the plastic bottle to fall out of the guide rail

regular equipment maintenance is also an important means to ensure the smooth operation of the transmission system. After the completion of each phased production task of drugs, visual detection of the extension of the transmission chain and the looseness of components can solve the problem before re production, which will save a lot of time and cost for the enterprise

detection system to ensure safety

most sterile pharmaceutical plastic bottle packaging production lines are equipped with detection systems to ensure the safety of the production line and the accurate production of drugs. These detection systems show a series of important functions, such as detecting the presence of aluminum foil sealing film; Identify the correct position of the bottle cap; Check whether the labeling position of many drugs is accurate, whether the shelf life is marked, whether the amount of drugs is sufficient, and so on. If one of these numerous test items is ignored or an error occurs, the production line must be shut down to take remedial measures. A series of important functions of the detection system also fully explain why the existence of the detection system on the pharmaceutical plastic bottle packaging production line can effectively reduce the shutdown probability of the production line

most of the downtime caused by the detection system is mainly caused by the improper adjustment of the detection system caused by the production conversion of different types of drugs. In order to ensure that the detection system can be adjusted correctly, the detection system needs to match the mechanical device with feedback system and active display function. This is a mechanical device that can maintain the correct position of the detection system and prompt the operator to detect the specific position information of the system to achieve the purpose of reducing friction and avoiding corrosion. Typical mechanical devices with feedback and active display functions include acme screws that can display digital readings, sliders that can display positions, and servo modules with operation interfaces

when evaluating a new detection system, enterprises need to investigate the production conversion mode of the detection system, and should pay special attention to avoid using the slots, sliders and other components of the detection equipment to adjust the detection system when the position information feedback cannot be obtained

humanized design ensures comfort

humanized workstation design can improve the overall efficiency of the production line by improving the comfort of operation to the highest level, which will achieve stable or even higher production for a long time. Humanized workstation is an ideal choice for a series of drug production lines, such as low-dose drug production lines, prescription drug production lines with uncertain packaging specifications, drug packaging trial loading production lines, or drug production lines with constantly changing packaging composition and packaging specifications

the humanized workstation design can minimize the walking volume of operators, maximize the comfort of operation posture, make the packaging components easy to take and hold, and maintain the optimal lighting and sound environment. Humanized workstation design should also take into account that it is suitable for a variety of drug specifications and the layout of production lines

artificial intelligence, bear the load

pharmaceutical plastic bottle packaging production line usually requires higher production speed, stable continuous performance, and more frequent repeated operations, so robots play a very key role in the pharmaceutical plastic bottle packaging production line. Unlike manual operation, robots can repeat the same operation procedure many times without fatigue, which will help to improve the efficiency of the production line, the quality of products, and the safety performance of workers' operation. For the sterile pharmaceutical plastic bottle packaging production line, equipped with robots and achieving a higher level of stainless steel protection can ensure the clean environment and high efficiency of the production line in a long time

because it can perform multiple production tasks at the same time, the robot can also bring a high degree of flexibility to the pharmaceutical plastic bottle packaging production line. Through some minor adjustments, the robot can adapt to the production needs of new products in just a few minutes. The treatment process of drugs produced by robots is softer, and the fuel efficiency can be increased by 6% to 8%; For every 100 kg reduction in curb weight, the probability of damage is smaller. In addition, robots can make full use of the existing production area of the factory, and there is no need to build walkways and emergency exits necessary for manual operation areas

tracking software, analysis tools

by using tracking software, enterprises can easily analyze downtime, which enables factories to significantly improve production efficiency. Enterprises can use tracking software to capture the detailed production information of equipment and operators to analyze the production situation of the production line. Tracking software can also provide analysis tools to facilitate enterprises to observe potential improvement opportunities on the production line

the information provided by the tracking software will help pharmaceutical packers determine how factors such as product type, production equipment, production conversion time, and operating staff affect different production lines, and also help enterprises determine which systems need to be maintained and reset, as well as the existing problems of the production line. Through this type of information feedback, employees of pharmaceutical manufacturing enterprises can carry out the most appropriate operation, most effectively improve the efficiency of the production line and the profitability of the enterprise, and carry out maintenance measures. Tracking software also makes it easy for enterprises to calculate the specific economic benefits of the project investment that need to be realized by the production line

partners, the correct selection of

step by step and planned improvement of the efficiency of the production line will help to optimize the manufacturing situation of pharmaceutical enterprises and reduce the initial time of the enterprise's drugs on the market, which is particularly important in the current highly competitive pharmaceutical market. It is very important to choose the equipment that meets the needs of the enterprise and ensure its adaptability to new products and new work tasks. These demands of enterprises make integrated system suppliers with sufficient experience and resources, such as autopak automatic packaging engineering company, have to ensure that their product installation and services can provide ideal solutions for customers

for new projects, system integration needs to be realized at an early stage, and far earlier

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