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Application of visible light communication in intelligent lighting

with visible light communication, you can download a high-definition movie in 0.2 seconds. In the past, this was difficult for everyone to imagine, but now it has become a reality with the "help" of LED lights. The foundation of the application of visible light communication technology comes from LED lights. An LED light can become a high-speed network hotspot. It seems extremely limited to turn on the light and turn off the light. However, when the unit is expanded from a light to a light that accelerates the equipment and technological transformation of the community, or even larger, it will constitute a huge visible light communication

intelligent lighting is currently the most popular segment with the most participating enterprises. From home lighting to urban lighting, from indoor to outdoor, intelligent lighting has been everywhere. However, when the visible light communication technology with the fastest transmission speed is applied to the most popular intelligent lighting system, what will happen

speaking of the application of VLC in intelligent lighting, there are also many application cases in the world. From LED indoor positioning lighting system to automotive high-power LED light information transmission system, VLC is a classic in intelligent lighting applications. So what is the application prospect of VLC in intelligent lighting? What are the difficulties

at the "ofweek2017 China Intelligent Lighting Industry Development Summit Forum" on June 10, Wen shangsheng, a professor at South China University of technology, will deliver a keynote speech entitled "VLC application in LED intelligent lighting, which I hope can help you."

at that time, the teaching staff will elaborate the development and application of visible light communication technology from the aspects of "the development of VLC", "the technical principle of VLC", "the application of VLC in intelligent lighting", "the prospects and difficulties of VLC application", "the research foundation of Huagong VLC", and then analyze the prospects and difficulties of VLC application in intelligent lighting system. Professor Wen shangsheng's keynote speech will lead us to a comprehensive and systematic understanding of visible light communication system

Professor Wen shangsheng currently serves as a professor and doctoral supervisor of South China University of technology, and is the principal of Optoelectronic Information Science and Engineering (optoelectronic devices) of South China University of technology. The main research direction is led/OLED lighting technology, OLED/LCD flat panel display technology, etc. He has presided over the key breakthrough projects in key areas of Guangdong and Hong Kong (school leader) "LED packaging and integrated manufacturing of lamps", the major led special project of strategic emerging industries in Guangdong Province (school leader) "research and industrialization of integrated white LED intelligent lighting module based on cob packaging process" Guangdong strategic emerging industry led major project (school principal) "research and development and industrialization of indoor LED lamps based on plastic radiator substrate free cob packaging technology, lack of familiarity, and proficient in interdisciplinary comprehensive talent technology" and many other LED key projects

Professor Wen has a number of LED patents in his scientific research career, such as: a straight down led liquid crystal module, invention patent (acceptance), an intelligent LED lamp driver with built-in WiFi and its implementation method, invention patent (acceptance), an LED intelligent controller based on voice and light detection, invention patent (acceptance), etc. In his teaching career, the professor of culture and education has also won the 2013 Guangdong Provincial Teaching Achievement Award, the 2012 first prize of teaching achievement of South China University of technology, the 2011 first prize of teaching excellence of South China University of technology and other awards for understanding the principles and methods of carbon fiber composite processing

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