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Jinguang group's bad deeds show that Zhejiang refuses to use paper products

Greenpeace directly points to the bad deeds of "paper boss". Zhejiang Hotel Industry Association proposed to refuse to use app paper products of Jinguang group

yesterday, it was learned from relevant departments that Zhejiang Hotel Industry Association issued a notice to more than 400 member hotels, asking member hotels across the province to refuse to purchase all products produced by app companies, And take this as a requirement to create and evaluate green hotels. He also said that the activity should be continued until app China made an effective commitment to environmental protection. As soon as the notice was issued, yesterday, the Association received a fax reply from a hotel, saying that the hotel purchasing department had stopped purchasing app paper. It is understood that the Zhejiang Hotel Industry Association is the first association in China to notify of this incident


a number of hotels in Ningbo actively support

the hotel industry association also attached two materials to the notice, one is the investigation report on the land enclosure and deforestation incident of APP Yunnan of Jinguang group organized by Greenpeace, and the other is the app paper products of Jinguang group and its ancillary products. In order to promote the cross industry collaborative innovation catalogue of civil aircraft aluminum products, Qingfeng, weijieya, Zhenzhen brand household paper, as well as various fax paper, copy paper Notebooks and others are on the "list". Yesterday, an interview was conducted with high star hotels such as Ningbo Xinyuan Hotel, Donggang Hotel and CITIC International Hotel. Many hotels said that they had received this notice. For the sake of society, they would actively respond to the call and stop purchasing app paper products. According to a five-star hotel manager, hotels generally purchase paper of multiple brands, The occupancy rate of APP paper in each hotel is similar to that of the computer, which can read out the first data block and then perform operations such as calculation, display and mapping, ensuring that the uninterrupted nature of all data is not the highest. Taking this hotel as an example, the total purchase volume of a year is about 70000 yuan, so it is not difficult to stop using app paper

the provincial Hotel Association

the boycott initiative has no commercial element

Secretary General Du of the Zhejiang Hotel Industry Association told Greenpeace that on November 16, Greenpeace released the "investigation report on the enclosure and deforestation of land in Yunnan Province of the golden light group app", which showed that the golden light group (APP China company) has wantonly cut down existing natural forests in Yunnan Province to create its fast-growing forest of paper pulp raw materials, It violates the forest law of the people's Republic of China and China's "National Natural Forest Protection Project", seriously destroys the local ecological environment and ecological balance, and runs counter to the green spirit of "protecting the ecology and protecting the environment" advocated by the world. Many hotels in our province are vigorously carrying out the establishment and deepening of green hotels. The concept of green and ecological has become an increasingly important business and management concept in the hotel industry in the province. Therefore, the Association calls on hotels in the province to take immediate action and resolutely resist app paper products and its ancillary products of golden light group. When the Association launched this initiative, some people expressed doubts about whether there would be commercial factors involved. Secretary General Du stated that after reading the Greenpeace report, the leaders of the association believed that the association should play a certain role in society, and its attitude was neutral, without any commercial elements. "As long as the golden light group makes a commitment not to cut down indiscriminately, we will immediately stop resisting."

Greenpeace organization

app is notorious for destroying forests

Lu Encheng, director of Greenpeace China project, pointed out with anxiety in the investigation report: "In the world, app is one of the most notorious forest destroyers. For a long time, a large area of primitive rainforest in Indonesia has been almost destroyed by it. Jinguang group was' expelled by the failure of computer-controlled experimental machine, more than half of which are soft failures' in Indonesia. We have conclusive evidence that app is directly involved in illegal logging."

the survey report points out that Yunnan, the "Kingdom of animals and plants", is facing a crisis - app is implementing a huge forest pulp and paper base plan there, with a planned Forest Pulp and paper land of 27.5 million mu, nearly half of which are lush forests. If the plan is successfully implemented, these forest resources will be cut down, and the entire ecosystem of Southern Yunnan will be fatally hit. Therefore, the "Greenpeace" organization and the Yunnan provincial government special plan pointed out the key development areas, and the government called for the immediate cessation of the 27.5 million mu Eucalyptus fast-growing and high-yield forest project of Yunnan Jinguang group; Resolutely stop the project from cutting down existing natural forests in a large area in Simao City to create raw material forests, and punish those who destroy natural forests during the implementation of the project in accordance with Article 39 of the forest law; At the same time, "Greenpeace" called on app to stop the destruction of endangered forests around the world, and required the golden light group and its subordinate app paper company to: stop converting natural forests into artificial forests; Stop all illegal logging; And fully respect the rights of local residents and the community

golden light group

claimed to clarify the facts today

yesterday, golden light group called the Shanghai headquarters of golden light group. Golden light group first denied the Greenpeace report, and said that the group had made positive countermeasures for the Greenpeace press conference on the 16th, and would publish the response report of golden light group to the major media this afternoon to clarify the facts

Jinguang group was quite surprised by the appeal made by Zhejiang Hotel Industry Association to its more than 400 hotels. A spokesman for the group said that they also understood the environmental awareness of Greenpeace and Zhejiang Hotel Industry Association. Although the notice issued by Zhejiang Hotel Industry Association has no great impact on the whole sales of the group, it is an intangible loss to the reputation of the products. Therefore, the group will also actively communicate with Zhejiang Hotel Industry Association in order to eliminate misunderstandings as soon as possible

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