Application of the hottest wax system in powder co

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Application of wax system in powder coatings

Application of wax system in powder coatings

September 6, 2018

in powder coatings, there are many applications of wax series, which are mainly used to improve the hardness, smoothness, degassing and defoaming of the coating, prevent caking, wetting and dispersion, help leveling, improve gloss, etc. Especially in recent years, the application of mold release in transfer powder and scratch resistance and boiling resistance in profile sand powder has increased. The following is a brief introduction of Chinese coatings on several issues of wax series

I. the wax varieties used in powder coatings mainly include polyethylene wax, polypropylene wax, and poly. There are more than 5100 tetrafluoroethylene wax and polyamide wax agents in our city. Among them, in addition to the generality of the wax system mentioned above, each has its own advantages, such as cheap polyethylene, good extinction effect of polypropylene, and PTFE hardness, which ensure that the UK can make high patterns and good degassing effect of polyamide. Commercial brands often have two kinds of composite waxes

II. In powder coating, operators should learn to find problems and eliminate the forms of wax used in the material: micro powder, powder, particles, flakes, etc. What can be added to the powder must be the kind of micro powder with good compatibility. Powder dispersion effect is good, and it is easier to help leveling. The particle and flake wax can improve the extrusion speed in the production of powder

III. typical brand of wax used in powder coatings:

1 Polyethylene wax, Clariant pe520 (flake), BASF a wax (particle)/af29 (powder), Hubei Laisi flake wax 213/polyethylene wax powder 210. The dosage is more than 0.5% of the total formula

2. Polytetrafluoroethylene wax, sst-3 and tex-61 of Sanye, corresponding to Hubei Laisi wax 240810. This kind of dosage is about 0.2%, which is coordinated with polyethylene wax

3. Polyacrylic acid wax, Lubrizol 1362d, Hubei Laisi 4420. The micro powder wax is used for extinction and degassing, and its hardness is better than that of polyethylene wax. The dosage is 0 6%。

4. Amide wax, Clariant 3910, Hubei Laisi 4410. Some kinds of powder can be added

5. Various composite waxes, byk961, Lubrizol 1778tf, Clariant 3920f, 9615, Hubei Laisi 1441. These brands are effective and recognized by the market. However, the performance and proportion of each main material are different, which shows that the effect of some varieties is not very prominent and cannot have an immediate effect

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