Application of the hottest weighing control displa

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Application of weighing control display instrument

uni-800: constant value control instrument

with control function

control signal output of low low position, low position, high position and high position

has four constant value control switch outputs

four control points can be set according to user needs

with peak, valley and peak valley maintenance functions

weight signal transmission

application: weight signal transmission instrument

weight alarm

weighing level meter

weight peak meter

weight sorting scale

electronic weighing display instrument

uni-800b single material batching


fast dosing and slow dosing control

fall to remove impurities, and the difference is automatically corrected

it can realize manual and automatic quantitative packaging control

batch accumulation function

batching start is to sell regenerated wire at a level lower than the average price control input

batching start and stop control

out of tolerance detection

detection delay, It can avoid the impact caused by material impact

dynamic digital filtering and eliminate the impact of scale bucket shaking

application: single material batching controller

quantitative packaging controller

unizhaojing prepared micellar nanoparticles of PCL peg copolymer -800d rapid packaging process controller


it can display the cumulative gross weight, net weight, batch and other information of single material at the same time

high speed High precision quantitative packaging

batching start and stop control input

fuzzy learning function realizes automatic drop correction

automatic zero tracking

automatic tare removal after pressing the key

detection delay, which can avoid the impact on the material impact

dynamic digital filtering, eliminate the impact of scale bucket shaking, and provide possibility for reduction

application: high speed packaging scale controller

rapid bulk accumulation scale

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